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The Challenge: Rivals II (Ep.7)

Frank unleashes his fury on Jordan causing uproar in the house, and at the challenge, the teams are physically SHOCKED into trusting each other.
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The Challenge

They've been pissed off. They've been wronged. They've been betrayed. And now they want vengeance! Rivals is back and the stakes couldn't be higher! Twenty-six fan-favorites from The Challenge, The Real World, and Are You The One will head to exotic Mexico and be paired up with their biggest enemy! However, this time around the game has a shocking twist - players will be paired up with their rival - of the opposite sex!

  • The final challenge forces the teams to leave the luxury of TJ's yacht and battle through the physically and mentally excruciating obstacles on Nightmare Island.

  • We get to the bottom of all the challenge rivalries when the 16 top competitors reunite LIVE on stage to get their last digs in. Hosted by Jonny Moseley.

  • From hook-ups, to out-of-control mischievous pranks and more, watch all the crazy unseen moments from the show.

  • The girls give it their all in the last elimination challenge. As the final six teams prepare for the final, TJ throws a curve ball, and two teams are sent home before the end of day one.

  • The female teams fight to secure their spots in the final, and Diem unravels when she realizes she had been manipulated throughout the entire game.
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