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'Ground Control' Official Sneak Peek

Wes and Romeo go head to head in physical elimination that demands upper body strength, as the challenger must pull themselves down to the bottom of a ladder towards a buzzer, while lifting their opponent further away.
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The Challenge Champs Vs Stars

Hosted by WWE superstar and former challenge competitor, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, "Champs vs. Stars" will feature ten of the fiercest champions from past "Challenge" seasons. The alumni go head-to-head against ten celebrity athletes and entertainers in challenge-style competitions to determine who will reign supreme.

  • The last players standing compete in one final test of agility, tenacity, endurance and strength. One team takes home $150,000 for the their charities, and is named the winner of Champs vs. Stars.

  • The remaining players are shocked with a game-changing announcement. Two bitter rivals are forced to compete for only one final spot, while another player's betrayal seals their fate in the game.

  • One player's vendetta leads to a surprising choice for MVP. While one alliance scrambles to save themselves, another tries to take out a strong competitor. One contestant is blindsided by their team, while a surprise announcement changes the stakes.

  • A representative from one player's charity makes a visit. An old rivalry once again resurfaces. While one team is united with their vote for elimination, another is torn apart, with one competitor betrayed and out for vengeance.

  • A new player arrives to join the competition, while one of the teams struggle to keep themselves together. The Champs and Stars partake in an extremely physical challenge. Meanwhile, a newly formed alliance threatens to change the course of the game.
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