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Episode 1 - Secrets and Limes

Features some of the strongest competitors from the "The Challenge" franchise, facing some of the fiercest competitors who span the professional sports world from football to skiing, UFC to surfing and more.
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The Challenge Champs Vs Pros

Host and NFL star Victor Cruz introduces 10 Challenge Champs to their newest competition: a collection of 10 world-class professional athletes, including Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, MMA star CM Punk, and NFL star Shawne Merriman.

  • A gut-busting challenge to determine who goes to the final tests the players' strategy and endurance. One player struggles to keep anything down, while another is forced into a make-or-break decision.

  • A twist in the edurance challenge catches all the players by surprise. When one of the players hits their lowest point in the game, another player responds with an act of generosity.

  • A Pro turns to a Champ for advice as the politics of the game intensifies; and a tricky brain and communication challenge turns testy when both teams try to get an edge by engaging in dirty tricks.

  • In a brutal BRAWN challenge, the players get to choose their own match ups when the Champs go one-on-one with the Pros. A shocking last minute proposal puts one Pro in a real bind.

  • The long-time rivalry between Wes and Bananas comes to the forefront. A pick-up game of football escalates into off-field drama for Lolo Jones and Lindsey Jacobellis.
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