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Teen Wolf | Mid-Season Trailer (S.3)

See what's still to come this season on Teen Wolf.
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at 10e/7p
on MTV

Teen Wolf

Four months after the events that nearly ended Jackson's life and resurrected Peter Hale's, teen wolf Scott McCall and his friends begin their junior year of high school unaware that a new threat has arrived in Beacon Hills: A pack of Alpha werewolves intent on bringing Derek into their fold, while destroying his young pack.
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Teen Wolf Finale Sneak Peek: Prepare For An Epic Battle

Teen Wolf Finale Sneak Peek: Prepare For An Epic Battle

Derek might not be an Alpha anymore, but that doesn't mean he can't fight like one. Don't miss the 'Teen Wolf' final. Monday at 10e/7p on MTV. Read More
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2:51 pm

See what happened when the show's actors collided with the biggest Beacon Hills fans around!

tina smithers, mtv.com
2:55 pm

Alas, the 'Awkward' star couldn't make him crack a smile.

tina smithers, mtv.com

12:51 pm

Weigh in on whether TyPo, TyHo, Dylan or Ian looked the sexiest!

tina smithers, mtv.com
5:37 pm

Let's all take one last look at the cry-fest that was Season 3.

lisa chudnofsky, mtv.com
11:29 am

Watch the actor blush as he comes across your flattering praise, which includes one very intriguing marriage proposal.

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