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Episode 2 - Group Bye

The group suffers a major loss on the journey to Camp Two. Hunger, exhaustion, and endless rain take their toll. Alliances fracture during the group buy.
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Stranded With A Million Dollars

Ten strangers are stranded on an island for 40 days with one million dollars. What price would you pay to survive?

  • The game comes to a dramatic end as they approach Day 40. Who will make it to the final evacuation and claim their share of the prize?

  • The final challenge is here, and the group must journey to the evacuation point or risk being stuck on the island for another night. Don't miss new episodes of Stranded With A Million Dollars.

  • With the final days of stranded approaching, team Makody declares an all-out war on Alex and Gina. Cody will stop at nothing to get his enemies to quit.

  • The rivalry between the two sides heats up as Makody block all food purchases, leaving Alex and Gina struggling to stay.

  • It's 2 vs 2 as tensions mount between the 4 remaining players. The competition takes a dramatic turn as two make a bold move in an attempt to get the others out for good.
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