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These Celebrities Are Single For A Reason

Tune in to the series premiere Wednesday at 9e/6p.
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Single AF

Unlucky-in-love celebs are looking for the one with help from their social media followers.

  • It's the last episode, and it's time for our celebrities to share their final feelings with their dates in Paris. Has Cupid's arrow struck or will they be going home alone? Are they going to be Single AF forever??

  • Our singletons search for love is almost over as they spend their last few days in their Paris chateau! The course of love never runs smooth though, with tears, tears and more tears in store for our celebs.

  • Casey's arrival sends sparks flying, Marnie becomes more entangled in her love triangle and Farrah goes on a rampage.

  • Marnie wakes up in bed next to a new admirer and its decision time as all of the celebs must make their pick and head to Paris.

  • Jedward pull out the stops with a knockout performance, Casey and Marnie set the record straight and Elliot finally charms his way to a snog.
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