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Episode 6 - Juliette's Bahama Drama

The crew heads to Bimini for a few days of fun in the sun; drama quickly spreads when evidence of Alex and Kelsey's indiscretions surface; Juliette becomes overwhelmed with jealousy while Madisson and Brandon continue to get cozy.
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Siesta Key

From the producers of "Laguna Beach" comes the ultimate summer series, "Siesta Key." This new docuseries follows a group of young adults confronting issues of love, heartbreak, betrayal, class, and looming adulthood.

  • Canvas leaves Braddison looking more like a summer fling, Alex gets in a bar fight and Juliette questions Garrett's loyalty.

  • Juliette's cruel intentions take a turn; Kelsey's bad decisions catch up with her; Madisson tells Alex how she feels; Pauly pushes Chloe.

  • Things heat up with Juliette and Garrett; Alex pulls away from Kelsey; Brandon and Madisson take their relationship to the next level; Pauly catches a break.

  • Garrett is in denial about Kelsey and Alex; Juliette flirts with Garrett, and considers spilling the beans; Pauly spends the night in jail; Chloe throws a party.

  • Kelsey weaves a web between Alex and Garrett; Juliette evaluates her relationship with Alex; Chloe takes a break; Madisson receives a proposal.
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