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Sharlene vs. Hong Kong

Sharlene heads to Asia for the first time to take on Hong Kong!
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Sharlene Vs

In February 2010, after winning the Travel Journalism Award presented by VisitBritain for her special, MTV News Pounds Britain, Sharlene created SHARLENE VS., an MTV News music travel series that takes viewers beyond where the tourists go. In each city, Sharlene meets artists of all kinds from music to fashion to food who take Sharlene under their helm, showing off unique, off-the-beaten-track spots that are uniquely special to them. Stick with Sharlene and you'll discover the inside tips that you can't find in any travel book. Cities explored in SHARLENE VS. include Copenhagen, Lyon, Austin, London, and Lisbon, and aired in prime-time on MTV Canada.

  • Sharlene heads to Asia for the first time to take on Hong Kong!

  • Sharlene travels to the extraordinary land of Portugal, where she learns to live and party like a bad ass local!

  • Sharlene Chiu travels to Iceland, England and France to conquer wine-tasting and turns up the shenanigans with Keex in the gritty east side of London.

  • Award winning MTV News reporter Sharlene Chiu conquers Copenhagen and learns how to look, eat, drink and party like a Dane.
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