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On the all-new season of "Ridiculousness", the stage is bigger, the clips are wilder, and the laughs are louder. Host Rob Dyrdek returns to MTV with his unique take on today's hottest viral videos and comes up with some hilarious new categories like getting "Popcorned", tripping in "Ghost Holes", and stumbling into "Accidental Magic." Joining Rob are his usual cohorts, Sterling and Chanel, along with a revolving seat of today's biggest and hippest celebs ranging from Justin Bieber to Floyd Mayweather. From Whiz Khalifa to... Rob's parents??? You are not going to want to miss this season of Ridiculousness.

  • To honor the season finale of Ridiculousness, Wee-Man and Preston Lacy take to the couch to watch and celebrate upon all the other jackasses in the world.

  • Rob's wonderful parents, Patty and Gene Dyrdek, join their son to reminisce about Rob's childhood.

  • The Ridiculousness crew checks out some uh-oh worthy web clips with Pro BMX rider and host of MTV's 'The Challenge', TJ Lavin.

  • Rob, Chanel, and Sterling educate the audience on how to Save Your Drink, and then all take a look at some "Chanel's In Training."

  • WWE Divas, The Bella Twins bring pain and laughter to the studio with Backyard Wrestling and Wackrobats.
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