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Real World: Hollywood (Ep.10)

The remaining cast members are joined by two new roommates, Nick and Brittini.
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The Real World

On this season of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, seven strangers in their early twenties move into an upscale loft in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood with the hope of starting an exciting new chapter in their lives. But what they don't know is there are seven other people coming to crash their party. Each of them has some serious bad blood with one another- they are their exes, rivals, frenemies, or estranged family members. The two groups are set on an unexpected collision course as the new group takes a road trip in an RV to Seattle where they will surprise the original seven and move into their house. Now, the fourteen must learn to co-exist, get beyond the conflicts of the past, and resolve their unfinished business.

  • All of the roommates, except for Greg, are back to give the inside scoop on everything that went down in the Hollywood house.

  • The roommates realize that after all the fights, hookups, firings and rehab none of them are ready to say goodbye to the Hollywood House.

  • When the roommates go to Cancun for vacation, Will and Brittini cross the line and jeopardize their relationships, while Sarah and Kimberly gang up on Brianna, causing a rift in the house.

  • From comedy, to music, to news, everyone in the Hollywood House seems to be on the right track to making it big.

  • The remaining cast members are joined by two new roommates, Nick and Brittini.
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