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Episode 2 - Don't Panic, Prom On!

Josh doesn't have the best track record when it comes to wooing his girlfriend Malea. He has one last chance to get it right before Malea's High School career is officially over.
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Follow the creative, romantic and outlandish journey of asking someone to prom. From a Zombie themed Promposal to a choreographed flash mob, teens pull out all the stops to land their dream date.

  • A couple that constantly breaks up goes on a romantic New York adventure which ends in a promposal.

  • A choreographed dance promposal may not be enough to counter destructive rumors.

  • Alejandro has come up with an outrageous, high in the sky Promposal to not only lock in his prom date, but to also win back his ex-gf, Cassidy.

  • With the help of the entire theatre department of East Ridge High School, Quintin has come up with a Zombie PROMpocalypse for his promposal to Maggie. Problem is Maggie is in love with her new boyfriend.

  • Determined not to let small-town society keep them down, Brandon decides to show Noah just how much his selflessness means to him with an over-the-top enchanted forest promposal.
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