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Episode 1 - Promposal Pep Rally

Destini may be the most popular girl in school, but is her southern charm enough to pull off the biggest pep-rally promposal Lakeside High has ever seen?
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Follow the creative, romantic and outlandish journey of asking someone to prom. From a Zombie themed Promposal to a choreographed flash mob, teens pull out all the stops to land their dream date.

  • A couple that constantly breaks up goes on a romantic New York adventure which ends in a promposal.

  • A choreographed dance promposal may not be enough to counter destructive rumors.

  • Alejandro has come up with an outrageous, high in the sky Promposal to not only lock in his prom date, but to also win back his ex-gf, Cassidy.

  • With the help of the entire theatre department of East Ridge High School, Quintin has come up with a Zombie PROMpocalypse for his promposal to Maggie. Problem is Maggie is in love with her new boyfriend.

  • Determined not to let small-town society keep them down, Brandon decides to show Noah just how much his selflessness means to him with an over-the-top enchanted forest promposal.
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