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Episode 5 - Golden Key Bromitzvah

Rapper "Lil Key" is celebrating his 17th birthday with Baltimore's first ever Bro-Mitzvah. With his newest single he's ready to take the hip hop world by storm.
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My Super Sweet 16

Whether a Sweet 16, Quinceaneara or Coming Out, each episode will document one character's outrageous journey as they plot, plan and prep for the party to end all parties.

  • Master P's daughter Itali Miller wants to throw the biggest 18th birthday Malibu has ever seen, but it may be harder than expected when her famous hip-hop family tries to stand in the way of her party perfection.

  • A female DJ plans a concert-style sweet 16 in Washington, DC.

  • Baby J wants to throw a celebration of life Sweet 16 the Las Vegas strip will be buzzing about. But with a flawed entrance and an incomplete venue it may prove harder than expected.

  • After hiding behind a mask for many years, Trey Perillo is ready for his big reveal with his Masquerade themed sweet 16.

  • stars and sisters Sianney and Angelisa Garcia, also known as the SiAngie Twins, are turning 16 with a knockout bash thrown by their over-the-top parents and boxing champ brother.
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