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It Gets Better 2
Wed, Nov 21st

MTV Think

Bullying is an issue that affects many of us. Whether mild or severe, it's something that can negatively impact our lives. It's a major social issue that MTV takes a hard stance against. We encourage our audience to join us in standing up against bullying of all types!

  • Vecente, Hunter and Natalie find the strength to be open about their sexuality and hope that they're friends and family will be accepting of who they are.

  • Dan Savage and Terry Miller introduce us to three teens who explain the struggles and joy of being open about their sexuality.

  • Emmy nominated 'It Gets Better' Project returns to MTV Tuesday, October 9 at 11/12c.
Top Stories
Maud Deitch, MTV.com
4:48 pm

Through the campaign, Demi hopes to shed a light on her own experiences being bullied, and encourage girls to make a commitment not to bully one another.

Rob Markman, MTV.com

4:40 pm

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" also influenced project, 50 tells MTV News.

Danica Davidson, MTV.com

4:33 pm

Bic released "For Her" pens, which stirred up controversy, with many calling them demeaning to women. Ellen used her platform to talk about it in a creative (and even hilar) way

Becca Frucht, MTV.com

4:18 pm

Meghan McCain, the 27-year-old daughter of 2008 Republican Presidential candidate John McCain talks about her experience with cyber bullying.

David Robert

12:24 pm

It's time to take a stand against bullying and time to start saying, "Mean Stinks!"