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McMorris and McMorris

The stakes are high and the competition is on, as MTV showcases the intense passion behind, and pressures that come with, professional snowboarding in the exclusive premiere of MCMORRIS and MCMORRIS This eight-episode, original, Canadian docu-series follows professional snowboarding brothers Mark McMorris and Craig McMorris from Regina, Saskatchewan as they travel and compete around the world.

  • Mark and Craig try to enjoy some downtime in Southern California, that is until their pal Fergie devises a ridiculous set of challenges to get them out on the open road.

  • Craig and Fergie hang out with a stunt pilot in British Columbia and Mark joins them for the Festival of Light; the gang embark on a mission to do three shreds in one day.

  • The guys show two of their Norwegian snowboarder pals what summer in the city of Regina has to offer: buddies, beers and lake life. And later, an ESPY nomination moves Mark into the Los Angeles limelight.

  • J-Town Mitrani has bitten off more than he can chew with the 3rd Annual Friendly Gathering music festival. He calls on the strong backs of the McMorris brothers and puts them to work.

  • Mark steps his game up at the Red Bull Performance Camp in Aspen, Colorado. Out on the left coast, the snow line is creeping and so Craig and Sean Petit decide to throw an epic end-of-year party.
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