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Episode 2

Friends PJ and Harrison reduce each other to tears with shocking tattoos.
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Just Tattoo Of Us

There's tears, tantrums and fall outs as three new couples come to the studio to get tattoos secretly designed by their loved one. Will Geordie Shore stars Sophie and Joel's relationship survive their new ink?

  • Best friends Naomi and Terri push their friendship to breaking point, while workmates Billy and Joe try to outdo each other and ex-lovers Ollie and Maisie ink some hard truths.

  • Australian reality stars Imogen and Krystal fly in to get inked, and siblings Alicia and Troy have a massive fall out. Couple Beth and George risk their future with their designs.

  • Another day, another dramz in the tattoo studio as Single AF star Casey Jonhson and his Ex On The Beach brother Chet Johnson walk through the doors to properly stitch each other up!

  • Just Tattoo of Us will put relationships to the test by asking pairs of friends, family members, and couples to design tattoos for each other.

  • Sam Callaghan and Jude Read test their friendship; Gareth and Declan jeopardize their wedding.
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