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Episode 3

This week a boyfriend who's cheated 20 times, a drag act clashes with Vicky, and a surprise proposal with dramatic consequences.
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Judge Geordie

From friendships to romance, Judge Geordie will see Vicky Pattison drive around the country solving Britain's relationship problems.

  • This week; a brother who's too fabulous to work, friends who've fallen out over a new boyfriend, and a daughter reveals shocking secrets to her mum.

  • This week; boyfriends clash over trust issues, ex-fiancé's at war, and two friends who have fallen out over Kanye West.

  • How will she cope when faced with a student worried about his mate's sexual health, a best friend coming between a mum & daughter, and warring girlfriends?

  • Vicky tries to help a pair of friends who've grown apart, a surgery obsessed wife and a love triangle involves 2 brothers!

  • This week a shocking proposal, a tanning obsession and an alter ego test Vicky's problem-solving skills.
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