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Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle

The Geordies are back for a 5 year birthday battle! There's tears as a familiar face returns & Boss Anna surprises the gang with their biggest challenge yet!

  • It's the final, but with NO Gaz & Charlotte upset both teams need new leaders. Anna has a surprise after the final parties. Tears flow when the old cast leave the house for good.

  • Scotty T is back and the house is buzzin'! A night of S&M at work leaves Charlotte's team feeling horny and a huge mistake is made that forces Gary to leave the house. Is it all over for him and Charlotte?!

  • Holly's dream turns into reality as a blast from her past walks through the door but how will the rest of the family react?! Charlottes's team vow to sabotage Gary's as payback.

  • Boss Anna is livid after viewing some embarrassing footage and the house has been TRASHED! 2 more old housemates are thrown in, and things take a nasty turn when Marty kicks off over Chloe.

  • As two more faces walk through the door the competition really heats up! There's a race to the shag pad but who will win, Aaron and Marnie or Chloe and Marty.
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