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Episode 2 - Krewella

After shooting a Lake Tahoe concert for some of his oldest friends, Chicago sisters and EDM duo Krewella, Rory takes them out for a day of water, wine, and cliff diving.
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Dare To Live

After struggling with depression and overcoming adversity, Rory altered his life course to pursue his passions- choosing to celebrate life and establish an authentic career at the intersection of video production, thrill-seeking and music. Rory is best described as a "professional life liver" who dedicates his time to capturing life's precious moments. "Dare To Live" encapsulates this spirit of adventure, as Rory takes his artist friends to the farthest reaches of their comfort zones and across the globe.

  • Following a concert in Indiana, Rory takes Khalid on a mud obstacle course, a zip-line over a lake and racing.

  • In Hawaii, Rory and DJ Steve Aoki surf giant waves, dive off a cliff and swim with sharks.

  • On their day off, Rory and DJ Martin Garrix ride in desert dune buggies and have a Nerf gun battle.

  • Rory takes Iggy Azalea on a day off that includes simulated air battle in military fighter jets.

  • Rory gets Shawn Mendes out of his comfort zone with some local eats, a sumo wrestling experience and the chance to let off some steam in a rage room.
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