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Broke Ass Game Show

This half-hour comedy hits the streets of NYC, luring unsuspecting contestants to push their personal limits for cash. By never wasting money on fancy lights, stages or expensive props, hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines bring the savings to the people with truly "broke ass" challenges and irreverent games all promising cold hard cash in exchange for contestants' dignity.

  • David and Derek put one New Yorker up to something fishy and then encourage a group of contestants to sniff out their winnings. At night, they head to a local bar with enough cash to make it rain.

  • David and Derek bribe New Yorkers to make lemons out of lemonade then head to the corner to sneeze all over strangers. Later, when they serve up some very freaky froyo, the contestants are anything but chill.

  • It's new money, old problems as our hosts entice passers-by with a uniquely Broke A$$ makeover. Later, David puts the change in diaper change and contestants get bloodthirsty during a drinking game.

  • On the Broke A$$ Game Show, green means stop! After causing a traffic jam, David and Derek proposition New Yorkers to 69 each other - literally.

  • David and Derek hit the streets with a tank full of piranhas to bait New Yorkers with cash and then incarcerate unsuspecting tennis players until they can correctly spell Gyllenhaal.
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