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I've Got 99 Problems Cuz I Can't Find The One

10 ideal pairs have been identified and will come face to face with their true match - with the results kept a secret from the singles.
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Are You The One?

If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you even know it? In the most ambitious dating experiment ever attempted, that question will be answered as contestants compete in a series of challenges designed to test the intelligence of their heart. 'Are You The One' begins by selecting 10 beautiful single women from across the US. Using the most extensive matchmaking process ever seen, 10 men will be found and perfectly matched for these women. But the results aren't revealed to them. Living for one month in Hawaii, all 20 people will share one objective: Find their PERFECT MATCH. Each week, the group will follow their hearts and lock in a choice of who they think is their PERFECT MATCH. If all 20 people find their perfect match within 10 tries, they'll all split 1 MILLION!

  • After weeks of searching for love and playing for money, the Season 6 cast reunites to give insider info on the explosive moments, spill tea on the unseen drama, and reveal what's gone down since leaving the house.

  • The cast reunites to share insider information on highlights from the season and updates on their lives.

  • With the final Match Up Ceremony ahead, the house is desperate to get the right couples into the Truth Booth. Keith and Alexis push each other over the edge.

  • Tyler wants to go beyond the friend zone with Nicole, Shad shows emotions and housemates turn to Keith in order to strategize a win.

  • Jealousy takes center stage at a wild Mardi Gras party. Geles becomes enemy number one when she makes moves on multiple guys in the house. Dimitri gets on Jada's bad side.
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