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Episode 3 - Wolf Of The Match Street

Perfect Matches try to overcome old baggage in their quest for success. Gio's dark side puts a strain on his relationship with Francesca and the house. Tori confronts her past with Morgan.
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Are You The One: Second Chances

10 Perfect Match couples from all 5 seasons of Are You The One come together for a second chance to win love and money by competing in missions designed to test the strength of their relationship.

  • The Perfect Matches are tested on how much they've learned about each other in a race to escape from Melbourne. The house comes to terms with their relationships.

  • Cam and Mikala's relationship hangs in the balance. Tori and Morgan re-take their relationship to the next level. Temperatures flair when a Mission literally sends the Perfect Matches over the edge.

  • Shanley and Adam ride an emotional rollercoaster. Devin reveals a devious plan. One Perfect Match grows closer together while another drifts apart.

  • Mike takes a turn as "Puppet Master" when he tries to manipulate the other Perfect Matches. Cam makes a big mistake that threatens his relationship with Mikala.

  • The Perfect Matches are put on the spot when a mission forces them to show a little PDA. The house is shocked by a surprise no one saw coming.
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