The Chainsmokers (And Halsey!) Will Perform At The 2016 VMAs

And everything else you need to know about the 2016 MTV VMAs airing August 28!

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Ryan and Eva speak with a critical figure in Rita Politte’s murder

Watch episode two of ‘Unlocking The Truth’ online now!

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Candic Tells Her Husband About Her Text Relationship With Titus

Watch a brand new episode of ‘Catfish’ on-demand!

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Is Tyler Being Too Insensitive?

Watch the Teen Mom OG catch-up special and the 2-hour season premiere, online now!

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Dammmmp Daniel

Watch two new episodes of ‘Ridiculousness’ online now!

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  • Are You The One? (S.4)

    Are You The One? (S.4)

  • Geordie Shore (S.11)

    Geordie Shore (S.11)

  • Ladylike (S.1)

    Ladylike (S.1)

  • Car Crash Couples (S.1)

    Car Crash Couples (S.1)

  • Teen Mom 2 (S.7)

    Teen Mom 2 (S.7)

  • Ridiculousness (S.7)

    Ridiculousness (S.7)

  • Teen Mom OG (Ep.20)

    Teen Mom OG (Ep.20)



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The Bonfire Of Nate Parker’s Vanity

On The Embattled Actor/Director, The Birth Of A Nation Controversy, And Looking Past Artists' Sins

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The Ecstacy Of Frank Ocean

On Blonde And Its Devotion To Bodies And Minds

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MTV Fora

Technique Of The Week: Fall-Ready Makeup

FALL for this look! read more…

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Your 2000s Teenage Heartthrobs And Where They Are Now

“OMG, it’s Ethan Craft!” read more…

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FORASCOPES: The Quirky Side Of Your Zodiac Sign

Get to know the QUIRKS of your sign read more…

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Monday Momentum: August 22

Mondays are tough, BE TOUGHER. read more…

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Unlocking The Truth

Unlocking The Truth Premiere: Is This Man Wrongly Imprisoned For The Murder Of His Mother?

MTV's New Series Investigated The Case Of Michael Politte, A Convicted Killer Whose Family Believes He's Innocent

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Teen Mom 2

Belly Watch: Chelsea Houska Debuts Her Baby Deboer Bump

Only Several Months To Go For The 'Teen Mom 2' Cast Member

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Faking It

Bella Thorne And Gregg Sulkin Call It Quits

The Two Dated For More Than A Year

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