Wet and Afraid

Watch an all new ‘Ridiculousness’ on-demand now!

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Sleeping With Usher

Watch ‘Greatest Party Story Ever’ on-demand now!

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You Got Soft Served

Watch full episodes of ‘Broke A$$ Game Show’!

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Getting Defensive

Watch an all new “Battle of the Bloodlines” online now!

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Fit Fam

MTV FORA knows that summer bodies are made in the winter.

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  • Battle of the Bloodlines (Ep.11)

    Battle of the Bloodlines (Ep.11)

  • The Shannara Chronicles (Ep.6)

    The Shannara Chronicles (Ep.6)

  • Teen Wolf (Ep.15)

    Teen Wolf (Ep.15)

  • Teen Mom OG (Ep.15)

    Teen Mom OG (Ep.15)

  • Ridiculousness (Ep.13)

    Ridiculousness (Ep.13)

  • Wild Ride (Ep.1)

    Wild Ride (Ep.1)

  • Greatest Party Story Ever (Ep.2)

    Greatest Party Story Ever (Ep.2)

  • Broke A$$ Game Show (Ep.13)

    Broke A$$ Game Show (Ep.13)



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Celeb Pet Selfies: What They’re Really Thinking

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The Shannara Chronicles

Girl Trouble: Wil’s Love Triangle On ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ Has A Surprising Twist

Who knew Eretria would throw such a glorious curveball?

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Teen Wolf

Place Your ‘Teen Wolf’ Betes: Who Is Hiding Behind The Beast?

The sneaker might just fit someone we know.

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Snooki & JWOWW

Pregnancy Update: JWOWW Shares A Pic Of Her ‘Big Ole Baby Bump’

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The Challenge

Which ‘Bloodlines’ Finalists Will Become The Next ‘Challenge’ Champs?

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